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Hazard Points

Working with machinery can pose many hazards due to the numerous constantly moving parts. Two of the hazards faced when working with machinery are pinch point injuries and crush point injuries.

Pinch points are where two or more parts move together and one of them is moving in a circle, such as a pulley and belt system.  Conveyors are one of the most common type of machinery that would pose this type of hazard.

Some simple rules to follow to avoid pinch point injuries are:

  • Don’t perform service on any conveyor until the motor disconnect is Locked Out
  • Keep clothing, fingers, hair, and other parts of the body away from conveyor
  • Don’t climb, step, sit or ride on conveyor at any time
  • Don’t load the conveyor outside of the design limits
  • Know the location and function of all stop/start controls
  • Keep all stopping/starting control devices free from obstructions

Crush points
are where two components move toward each other, like on a three-point hitch or hydraulic cylinder.

Some simple rules to follow to avoid crush point injuries are:

  • Watch for crush Hazard between Mast and Cowl of forklift
  • Secure the hood of any equipment to keep it from falling on your hand or crushing your fingers
  • Also, be cautious when handling heavy parts such as tires or forks that can crush body parts

General safeguards that can prevent you from being a victim of a pinch or crush point accident include:

  • Awareness: Know where your hands are at all times to avoid hazardous areas.
  • Guards: Moving parts on machinery should be guarded to prevent any part of the worker’s body from contacting the machine’s moving parts.
  • Protective Gear: Wear appropriate PPE to avoid cuts, abrasions, punctures, burns etc.
  • Knowledge: It is your responsibility to read the warning signs posted on the equipment and follow all safety guidelines.

You CAN avoid pinch point and crush point injuries by continually asking yourself;  “Am I being ‘Safe in the Moment’ right now?”

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